5 reasons to love activated charcoal

Our new deep cleansing, blackhead banishing älska Charcoal Mask – Clear and Cleanse is on the scene, here to balance, soften and clear acne prone and oily skin. With purifying bentonite clay and bamboo activated charcoal, you’ll be wondering where it’s been all your life!

Here are our top 5 reasons why activated charcoal is a skincare godsend…

  1. Deep cleansing. Charcoal temporarily enlarges your pores ever so slightly, allowing impurities to be easily absorbed and removed. Your pores retract within an hour of treatment leaving you with a refreshed complexion.

  2. Softening. Charcoal acts as a gentle exfoliant. It lightly buffs your complexion when you apply the mask and when you rinse away, leaving behind the soft, smooth skin that was waiting underneath. 

  3. Balancing. Oily skin can be difficult to keep on top of. Charcoal regulates sebum production by absorbing excess oil, without aggressively stripping, allowing your skin to breathe and pores to clear while remaining hydrated. 

  4. Detoxing. Perfect for a before and after shot. Charcoal draws out impurities, bacteria and other unwanted microbes, helping to reduce blackheads, heal and protect. 

  5. Brightening. Lots of things can rob you of your right to brightness – oily skin, dry skin, blackheads and spots are all common culprits. Luckily enough, charcoal helps to reduce all of these issues! Leaving you with a glowing, bright complexion. 

Add our activated charcoal mask to your essential skincare routine now for a domino effect you won’t regret. 

Love, grüum x

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