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For: All hair

Nourishing bar


Cocoa Butter
For: Dry &
damaged hair

Revitalising bar


Lemon & Almond
For: Fair &
highlighted hair

Brightening bar

Shine Boost

Henna & Juniper
For: Colour
treated hair

Free Shine
Boost bar


Plant actives
For: Dry &
flaky scalps

Free Anti
Dandruff bar


Grapefruit & Salt
For: Fine &
flat hair

Volumising bar

Mild & Gentle

Fragrance Free
For: Sensitive

Free Mild &
Gentle bar

8 Reasons to try grüum’s Shampoo Bars


If you’re searching for natural-packed haircare that’s as kind to your body as it is to the planet, then you’ll love grüum.

Here are eight reasons why our award-winning hår Shampoo Bars could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

1. Plastic-free packaging

Did you know that in 1 year – the average British household throws away over 25 plastic haircare bottles? By using our plastic-free shampoo bars, you’ll be reducing your waste and environmental impact – whilst not compromising on quality. Over a year or a decade – that’s a LOT of plastic saved.

2. Shampoo bars handmade in England

Sustainability is important to us – that’s why we manufacture in the same country we despatch orders from. No needless emissions: just a simple, eco-friendly journey from us to you.

3. Easy to use

Using our bars is a breeze. Just get them wet, work up a lather, massage into your hair from root to tip, and then rinse thoroughly for a clean, healthy finish. Pair with our glôs Conditioner Bars for happy hair that looks as good as it feels. Once you see the results for yourself, you’ll never go back to liquid shampoo again.

If you’re already convinced…

4. Up to 2x more washes than a 250ml bottle

Our customers often get twice as many washes out of our easy-lather bars as they would from a 250ml bottle of liquid shampoo. You can even get up to 60 washes out of each bar! Just store in our handy Iåda tins between uses for maximum longevity.

5. A bar for every hair type

Try our revitalising Cocoa Butter, brighten with Lemon & Sweet Almond, protect your colour with Henna & Juniper, or nourish your hair with our Simply Coconut range. Whatever your hair type, we’ve got something to help.

6. Free from chemical nasties

We care about your hair. That’s why our Shampoo bars are packed with natural goodness and made with:
● No artificial colours
● No parabens
● No alcohol

7. A product for everyone

At grüum we don’t do labels, we don’t make things “for him” or “for her”, we make them for everyone, with one fair price for all. Our products are suitable for all ages and genders. For every bit of every body, as we say!

8. What you see is what you get

When you make the switch to grüum, you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy. You can check out every ingredient in our hår Shampoo Bars here on our website and avoid any hidden surprises (great if you have sensitive skin or allergies).

See for yourself why 20,000+ customers have made the switch to grüum