From Willy Brushes to Poo-Pourri: Here are the strangest male grooming products on the internet

There’s no denying that guys have upped their game when it comes to grooming. Neglected bathroom cabinets that once contained little more than a razor, a toothbrush and a can of deodorant have been replaced by an abundance of image improving lotions potions and gadgets.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you can always count on the internet to take things to the next level. From cleaning brushes for your friend downstairs, to beard bibs and fart filtering boxers; we’ve explored the dark depths of the web to bring you this selection of the strangest male grooming products around.

Willy Brush

More politely  known as “Will” or “The Gentleman’s Cleaning Brush”, this strange tool was designed by a company in Scotland who believe we need to do a better job of cleaning our downstairs regions.

The brush is designed to remove any unwanted, um, “build up”, from the foreskin, the importance of which is kindly highlighted on their website. The most questionable thing here though has got to be what it’s made from… high quality goat hair. Now, cleaning your privates with a special brush is one thing, but doing so with with the hair of a goat? We’re not too sure about that one…

Fart Filtering Pants

Ok so this one isn’t “grooming” as such, but who doesn’t want odourless farts, right? You know the drill, you’re in a public place chatting away when all of a sudden you’re plagued by a silent but deadly number (always the most offensive). You can smell it. They can smell it. But faithful to our polite British ways, everyone just stands there awkwardly ignoring the situation as you pray that nobody clocks it was you.

Well not anymore. Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear have a carbon back panel that removes any odour before it hits the air – they even do jeans and pyjamas too.

Weener Kleener

Claims to add a “hole” new dimension of fun to your bath or shower… It’s probably best to leave this one to your imagination.

“Downstairs” hair dye

We all want to look as young as we can, and for some of us that means masking those pesky greys with some good old hair dye. But what about your hair downstairs? Your head might resemble a fresh spring chicken, but your cover could be blown if the carpet doesn’t match the drapes… “Color For The Hair Down There” is pretty self explanatory – specially formulated to be safe and gentle on your sensitive regions. 

Goatee Saver

Are you longing for a goatee as sharp and symmetrical as Craig David’s in the early 2000’s? Well your dreams might be about to come true. According to their website, this is a pretty life changing piece of kit:

“It will give you the confidence you need to go after whatever you want in life. You’ll put your best self forward to get that date you’re after or continue to impress the love of your life. Your job interviewer or boss will see a put-together man who knows how to make a strong impression, helping you get that new job or promotion.”

Who knew a perfect goatee could be the solution to so many of your problems? Although we’re not too sure that Craig would agree

Beard Bib

Granted, the idea of wearing a giant bib to shave does sound a bit daft, but the more we think about this product the more genius it seems. The beard bib catches the hairs as you shave, so you don’t need to bother with a mess in your sink.


“Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know” – Poo-Pourri’s “stink free guarantee” claims to trap odour under the surface water, so you can finally poo in peace without the embarrassment of stinking out the bathroom. You can even choose from a selection of judiciously named scents; there’s ‘Trap a Crap’ with cedar wood and citrus, or perhaps ‘Deja Poo’ with white flowers is more up your street?


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