How to achieve suit goals: Guest post by Moss Bros.

After sharing the core rules of tailoring last month, the guys at Moss Bros. are back to tell us why a tailor-made suit should be on every guy’s bucket list.

You know how personalising your skincare regime to suit your unique needs will get the best results? The same goes for your suit.

Though a ready-to-wear suit will always look sharp, nothing will ever feel as great to wear as tailoring that’s been made to suit you, and only you.

At Moss Bros. we firmly believe every man deserves to experience having a tailor-made suit at least once in his life. And so we created Tailor Me, our suit personalisation service that’s fast, simple and affordable.

Here are four reasons why personalised tailoring is your fastest track to achieving ultimate suit #goals.

You’re an original

…So what you wear should be too. The best way to show your unique style is to craft it yourself. With Tailor Me, the design reigns are in your hands. Hand-pick your suit’s cloth from over 140 colours, textures and patterns – we work directly with the world’s best mills to bring you exclusive fabrics you won’t find anywhere else. In other words, a tailor-made suit lets you be you – but it’s you at your very best.

You are not standard

One size does not fit all, so our Tailor Me suits are cut from four different fit blocks – skinny, slim, tailored and regular. Pick your favourite fit then have up to five measurements taken so we can tweak your chosen block to fit you perfectly. Need a bit more room around the waist or a little less length in the cuff? By adjusting the block as part of the making process, you can skip the post-purchase alterations and get your best-ever fit sewn in from the start.

You like a bold move

Good news, friend: with Tailor Me you can be as bold as you dare. Contrast your fabric with a bright, patterned lining, add colourful stitching, pimp your pockets, plump for a peak lapel or add turn-ups to show off a daring sock choice. Or keep it all sleek and tonal – it’s your suit, so you should have it exactly how you like it.

You appreciate a personal touch

Don’t we all? Put it down in writing with a monogram of your choice stitched into the inside of your jacket. Embroider your initials, your favourite quote, the date of your wedding, or even a motivational message, if that’s what you’re into. It really is your call.

Suiting men since 1861, Moss Bros. is the nation’s tailoring ally. This season, Moss Bros. is on a mission to sharpen up the men of Britain. Ready to lead on the style front? Start your Tailor Me experience and join the #SuitUpRevolution on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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