How to keep your New Years resolutions

how to keep your new year's resolutions

It’s that time again. Social media is flooded with “new year new me” posts. The gym is a mass of new trainers and hope. There’s something about the turn of the new year that makes us take a moment to step back and re-evaluate our lives, but actually sticking to a change in the long term can be a slippery slope. 

The statistics don’t look promising. Research has revealed that only 8% of New Years resolution makers stick it out to the end, with 15% not even making it past the first week. 

How to keep your New Years resolutions

So what is the secret of this mysterious 8%? Extreme willpower? Magic? Well according to psychologist Paul Marciano, resolution success comes from patience and executing the right strategies. Here’s how to keep your New Years resolutions, with 5 tips to help you stay on track:

Have a quick chat with yourself

Before you embark on your quest for self improvement, it’s important to take a moment to assess the situation. Making a New Year’s resolution is a bit like getting a puppy for Christmas; it’s all fun and exciting at first, but can you deal with the commitment in the long term?

People often fall into the trap of making a resolution because they feel like it’s what they should be doing. If you want to make a change in your life, you need to really believe that you can do it – if you don’t feel fully ready then it’s probably time for a rethink.

Don’t over-do it

Although it’s tempting to promise yourself a complete personal overhaul, trying to make simultaneous major lifestyle changes tends to be recipe for failure. Think about it realistically; are you really going to be able to go cold turkey on your smoking habit whilst also swapping your daily visit to Greggs for a raw vegan diet? New Year’s resolutions should be about making positive long-term changes, not torturing yourself, so take things steady and tackle one thing at a time.

Set smaller milestone goals 

Humans are creatures of habit, so change can be a challenge. Splitting your New Year goal into smaller pieces will help to make everything seem a little less overwhelming. Remember, positivity is key here, so stay realistic and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Buddy up

It’s often much easier to stay motivated through a tough time when you know that someone else is in the same boat as you. Studies show that bad habits spread through social circles, so there’s a good chance you’ll have a pal that shares your resolution goal – just make sure they’re as serious about it as you are.

Don’t give up

Slip-ups are totally normal, so don’t let them get you down. Just because you had a bad day doesn’t mean you need to give up completely. We hate to sound cliche, but remember that tomorrow is a new day. You’ve got this.


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