How to shave your balls

Shaving your balls can be a terrifying affair. The thought of placing a sharp object anywhere near your nether regions is enough to make your eyes water. But it’s a risk that plenty of chaps are willing to take, saying goodbye to the bush in favour of a more streamlined look.

Because balls aren’t usually covered in the standard “learning to shave” right-of-passage (that would be rather weird), for most of us, scrotum-shaving is usually a case of winging it and praying that you don’t slice open those prize plums.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s 2018, and you have your trusty friend “the internet” to answer all of your untoward questions. Because we know you’ve probably been wondering, here’s how to shave your balls:

How to shave your balls – Step 1

Prep those plums…

As is the case with your face, the key to ensuring a drama free shave comes from making sure your fuzzy friends are properly prepared beforehand.  

The first thing you should do is trim down any excess to prevent any long hairs getting tangled in the razor – ouch. Electric clippers seem like a safer choice here, but please do be careful; placing them directly on your balls can trap the skin. Again, ouch.

The other option is a steady hand and a pair of scissors (not the pair from your kitchen, please). Try not to pull the hair too much as you trim; there’s a lot of loose skin there just waiting to be snipped.

Once you’re all trimmed, jump in a hot shower and give everything a good wash. The warm water and steam will help soften those coarse pubic hairs.

You can use a GENTLE (very important word) exfoliator if you’re worried about ingrown hairs. kóri face wash should be fine for this, as it’s designed for sensitive skin. Just don’t be too aggressive with the scrubbing.

How to shave your balls – Step 2

Lube up…

Providing you feel confident that you aren’t going to slip over, you can stay in the shower with the water turned off.

When it comes to lubrication, the gentler the better. Your nuts are sensitive little chaps, so avoid anything that’s heavily perfumed, or has lots of harsh chemical ingredients.

We’d always recommend using shave gel over foam, even more so when it comes to shaving your balls. Whilst a big cloud of foam might be entertaining to look at, you’re much less likely to encounter any mishaps when you can actually see what you’re doing. danne shave gel can be used clear, so it’s ideal for this sort of task.

Apply a generous layer, and let it sink in for a couple of minutes to really soften those hairs.

How to shave your balls – Step 3

The big moment…

We’d like to think that you’re a hygienic lot, so this should a fairly obvious point. But for goodness sake, please don’t shave your balls with the same blade you use to shave your face. Unsurprisingly, your ball sack plays host to a whole bunch of bacteria that you certainly don’t want to be spreading around.

Anyone with a pair of testicles will be well aware that they aren’t the smoothest of surfaces, so give them a little tug (not that kind) upwards to stretch the skin as you shave. This is really important for preventing any cuts, so no slacking here, literally.

Let your razor gently glide over the skin with short upward passes. Slow and steady wins the race, so take your time. Remember to rinse your razor after every couple of strokes.

Once your shave gel starts getting a bit thin on the ground, it’s worth having a quick rinse so you can get a proper view of what’s left to do. Re-apply the shave gel in the same way as before, and repeat the shaving process until you’re hair-free.

How to shave your balls – Step 4

Give your balls some TLC…

First of all, congratulations on making it this far with your sack (hopefully) still in-tact – give yourself a pat on the back.

Dry off by patting yourself down with a clean towel. Don’t rub as this can cause irritation. Finish by applying a generous amount of alcohol-free moisturiser (like kåre). Again, the gentler the formulation the better, as to avoid any unwanted stinging.

If you’re new to the scrotum-shaving game, the chances are you’ll experience some itching after the first few times. As annoying as this can be, it’s totally normal, and moisturiser should help provide some relief.

And that’s a wrap. You’re now the proud owner of a pair of silky smooth balls. Let them hang with pride.