Last minute gifts to avoid this Christmas

In the spirit of the festive season we’ve wracked our brains to find some of the worst last-minute gifts possible… plus some handy hints on how to avoid any awkward moments on Christmas Day.

A well thought out pair of socks can, perhaps surprisingly, actually be a pretty good gift. But there are some things that will just never be able to cut the mustard, no matter how much thought you put into them…


Even if they are a huge fan of Miniature Schnauzers, steam engines, or bird-watching a calendar full of their favourite dog breed/mode of transport/niche hobby is unlikely to go down well. It’s nearly 2019, how many people are using an actual old-fashioned style calendar these days?

Address books

See above.

Soap on a rope

Yes, we might think it’s really funny to gift our friends this novelty. Perhaps the soap is the shape of their favourite fruit, or a well-loved cartoon character. More likely, it’s in the shape of genitalia. Just avoid at all costs – nobody is hanging those ‘acorns’ in the shower for all to see.


Yes, it’s winter. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, you can come up with a better idea than this.

A photo of yourself

If they don’t already have one, there’s probably a reason for it.

Air freshener

Whether it’s a branded room spray or a reed diffuser it still sends out the same message as a can of Febreeze. That there’s a smell at home that needs covering up.

So what should you get instead?

The good news is there’s an easy way to avoid any potential mishaps by purchasing any of the above items! grϋum gift cards are available to purchase any time, any day and are emailed directly to the recipient to spend on whatever they choose! 

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