Moss Bros presents: What to wear this party season

The nights have drawn in, the cold snap is kicking in and you’ve suddenly got an urge to stay in and hibernate in your woolliest jumper. But winter brings something else: party season. And with it, the best excuse you’ve had to get dressed up all year. So take it!

But don’t feel you have to fall into the same old codes of black tie. Party season should be about dressing for fun – if there’s ever a time to bring personality to your look, this is it.

Here are three ways you can bring the party, whatever you’ve got planned.

Go minimal

Think of black tie and you probably think of a tuxedo. And you’d be right to. But it doesn’t have to be the traditional get-up everyone else will be wearing. A few modern styling details will set you apart from the crowd.

Firstly, look for party-ready peak lapels on your jacket instead of the more common rounded shawl lapel. Then, swap a classic bibbed or pleated dress shirt for a minimalistic button-down version. And finally, a good dress scarf is underrated but draped casually around your neck, the effect is effortlessly elegant.

Go all out

There aren’t enough occasions in the calendar for seriously bold menswear, so if you’ve got an invitation with a less rigid dress code, we suggest taking your eveningwear to the next level with a can’t-miss-it party suit.

This one’s statement blue pattern will add personality to proceedings and truly shine under party lighting. A look this bold needs little else though, so pair yours with a tonal shirt and unfussy black dress shoes and call it a (very stylish) night.

Go anywhere, any time

Who says you can’t wear a tuxedo out to dinner? We think any time should be party time and mixing in more casual pieces takes your eveningwear beyond black tie. For a contemporary look, forgo the formal shirt and try a knitted rollneck in a suitably seasonal shade. Layer an elegant camel coat over the top and you’ve achieved the holy trinity of going out season: smart, warm and better dressed than anyone else. Enjoy.

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