Razor blades

Discover a shave as close as the big brand razors, for a fraction of the price. osku blades are cut from the finest steel, without the dull gimmicks. Our precision engineered razors are available in both 3 blade and 5 blade options.

osku: 5

5 blades maximise the shaving surface for our closest cut.

osku: 3

3 blades minimise irritation and allow for greater precision.

3 blade razor head

Precision engineered blades

Honed from the highest grade steel and precisely angled, our blades are designed to reduce drag and pull to give a close and comfortable shave.

glydå technology

Our patented glydå roll system helps to smooth the skin and raise hairs for a closer cut.

Lubricating strip moisturises reduces irritation

Moisturising strip

Lubricating pads moisturise and reduce irritation for a smooth, comfortable shave.

Total rinse through

Optimum blade spacing allows for easier cleaning and a clog-free experience.

90° pivot head

Adjusts to the contours of your face to provide maximum contact in those hard to reach areas.


Customer reviews

osku 4.9 13 ★★★★   13

4.9 Out of 5 star average rating

Easy, convenient & Fairly priced
5 5 1

Don't be sceptical about the quality of the products. Service is easy to use, at a fair price and the products do compete with the big brands.

5 5 1

Well it took many years but finally found a razor that not only gives me a smooth shave but also doesn't pull the hairs while doing so. Was much better than I expected.

Good blades
5 5 1

Leaves my face feeling very smooth. I especially like the roller I think it's a really interesting idea - I've never seen anything like that before.

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