Skincare 101: Why every man should exfoliate

If you’re not already familiar with the wonderful world of exfoliating then we strongly suggest you get to know – and great news, you’ve come to the right place! It’s a familiar practice in the world of female skin care, but when it comes to guys, the subject seems to get a bit neglected. So you know your face wash is “exfoliating” – it says so on the packaging… But what actually is exfoliating? And why is it important?

As we get older, our cell regeneration process starts to slow down, leading to a build-up of dead skin cells. Here’s the problem; dead skin cells love to cause trouble. You can’t see them, but you can certainly see the problems they create. It’s pretty common stuff; Spots, Excess oil, and generally dull looking skin – all can be caused by old lingering cells. Exfoliating is simply the process of removing these dead cells, giving your skin a little helping hand.

How to exfoliate

As well as giving your skin that baby soft feel, exfoliating also makes life a lot easier when it comes to shaving. Starting out with a smooth surface reduces the face-to-blade friction, so you’re less likely to suffer from cuts or razor burn. It also helps to lift the hairs away from your face, making for a tug-free, painless shave. Exfoliating after shaving though, that’s definitely a no-go. Your skin will probably be feeling pretty sensitive, so the last thing you want is some abrasive particles adding more fuel to the fire.

In terms of how often you should be exfoliating, it really depends on the person, and the type of exfoliator you’re using. A gentle, daily exfoliating wash (like kóri) can be used (you guessed it) every day! More abrasive or chemical exfoliators should be used with a bit more caution, something more along the lines of once a week – but do always check the guidelines on the packaging.

Start by splashing your skin with warm water, this will open up your pores and loosen up those lingering cells. Squeeze a small amount (around the size of a 5 pence piece should be fine) of exfoliating wash onto your fingers, and gently lather it into your face, using gentle circular motions. If you’re going for the pre-shave, make sure you really work into the skin underneath your stubble. Rinse well with warm water, paying special attention to any lingering product around your hairline, as this can lead to breakouts.

Exfoliating is also a great solution for combating that hellish itch that comes from growing a beard. Remember to finish with a moisturiser (if you’re still in the stubble stage) or a beard oil if you’ve got a bit more length.

Congratulations. You’ve passed our exfoliation masterclass. So scrub up, and start enjoying the benefits!

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