The rules of tailoring: Finding a suit that suits you!

At grüum, we know the value of scrubbing up well. We’re also know that getting the basics right is the first step to looking your best.

Our friends at Moss Bros. have been helping men dress sharply for over 165 years, so they know a thing or two about smartening up your look. Here, they share their fundamental rules of tailoring to make sure what you wear measures up to the mark, every time.

At Moss Bros. we’re all about taking pride in your appearance. If clothes maketh the man, then we believe the right suit can make a man his best.

However, your suit is only as good as the tailoring tricks-of-the-trade behind it. Just like a good grooming regime, learning and sticking to some basic tailoring rules will help take a so-so look to style you can be proud of. Here’s your hit list for sharp dressing:

Fit is king.

You can try every new trend under the sun, but without the right fit, you’ll never truly hit the mark. Skinny, slim, tailored or regular: there’s a fit for every frame, and the right fit will form the foundation to hang any style on.

First impressions count, so make sure you measure up.

After fit comes size and, despite what you might have heard, it does matter. Size up to the task with measuring and alteration services available from all of our stores.

Aim to be a cut above.

Labels and tags are for identifying a suit in-store, only. Remove the labels from your suit sleeves and always cut the stitching from your suit pockets and vents before you wear a new suit.

It’s worth going to great lengths.

Or short ones. For a tailored look, the length of your suit jacket should end by the middle of your thumb when your arms are by your side, while a skinnier fit will stop an inch or two short of this.

Have a few tricks up your well-cut sleeve.

Your most flattering suit sleeve finishes an inch above your wrist bone. All the better to show off around 2cm of your shirt cuff.

A well-fitted shirt starts with your neck.

If you can snuggly fit two fingers side-by-side between your neck and your collar, you’ve got it right.

Know when to take a break.

The ‘break’ we’re talking about is the fold on the front of your trousers where the hem meets your shoe. Ideally, your trousers should just brush the top of your shoes in a single break. For a fashion-forward skinny look, aim for no break at all.

Pay attention to your buttons.

For a start – make sure they’re all there. After that, bottom buttons should always be left open on jackets and waistcoats, while all jacket buttons should be undone to sit down.

Take care in the details.

Never underestimate the importance of a well-placed pocket square or a masterfully knotted tie – just remember the two should be artfully contrasted, rather than matched.

Suiting men since 1861, Moss Bros. is the nation’s tailoring ally. With over 165 years of tailoring expertise under its belt, this season Moss Bros. wants to spur the men of Britain to dress with style and pride again. Interested? Get expert advice on how to suit up in style on The Inside Pocket and join the #SuitUpRevolution on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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