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Your trial set includes a razor handle in a choice of 6 colours, super-sharp blade cartridge and Orange & Eucalyptus shave gel. Just cover delivery!

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We’re grüum and we’re here to shave the world: one chin, one shin, one armpit (and naughty bit) at a time.

We create seriously good razors and skincare solutions for men and women.

For every bit of every body.

Inclusive skincare

Everything we do is simple, honest and fair. For happy skin and hair.


Every product and ingredient serves a purpose, without dull gimmicks.


Packed with natural goodness and free from chemical nasties.


We cut out retailers to keep costs low, with one price for men and women.

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Everyday extraordinary

Our essential collection is here to rescue your daily routine and make every day a little more extraordinary.

oska razor

The ultimate fusion of form and function; bold styling, striking colours and ergonomic design combine to deliver a great shave.

danne shave gel

Infused with soothing Aloe Vera and antibacterial Witch Hazel, with Orange and Eucalyptus for a mild, fresh scent.

kori face wash

Our mild everyday cleanser with biodegradable exfoliating beads to gently scrub away dirt and unclog pores.

kåre daily moisturiser

Hydrate and reinvigorate your skin with our essential daily moisturiser. Light and easily absorbed, with a refreshing, natural scent.

gösta facial tonic

Energise and refresh your complexion with our energising tonic. Natural ingredients are kind to skin, with a light and zesty citrus scent.

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skrub body polish

Naturally exfoliates, nourishes and illuminates your skin, and stimulates circulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

bård beard wash

Formulated specifically for facial hair, this gentle cleanser is blended with essential oils to help maintain your beard’s natural balance.

leif beard oil

Nourish and protect your facial fuzz with natural essential oils, including Argan and Jojoba to smooth and soften.

tor beard wax

Carnauba and Bee’s Wax combine to give a light, pliable hold, while essential oils and Shea Butter nourish and moisturise.

Discover the grüum difference

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A smoother shave

The ultimate fusion of form and function; our original razors combine bold styling, striking colours and ergonomic design to deliver a gripping shave.

Platinum coated blades

Honed from the highest grade steel and platinum coated, our blades are designed to reduce drag and pull to give a close and comfortable shave.

Rollers on razor catridge. He's guard from nicks and cuts.

glydå technology

Our patented glydå roll system helps to smooth the skin and raise hairs for a closer cut.

Lubricating strip moisturises reduces irritation

Moisturising strip

Lubricating pads moisturise and reduce irritation for a smooth, comfortable shave.

What our customers are saying...

 “Great products, great prices”

J West,  January 2018.

 “Nice clean shave. Great job better then big brands :)”

A Kumar, December 2017.

 “I love the design and colour of the razors.”

S Finn, January 2018.

 “Best shave ever. Well done guys.”

D Webb, December 2017.