9 ways to reduce your water waste

Where would we be without lovely H20? Well, really, we wouldn’t BE at all!

For many of us, water comes out of our taps whenever we want, as is if by magic, so it’s easy to take it for granted. However, water is a precious resource that is certainly not infinite. In fact, the majority of water that we consume when washing, drinking and bathing, must go through a rigorous process of filtering and treatment before it is safe to use. Fresh water is very precious and it’s vital that we don’t waste it.

If we all make a few small changes to our lifestyle’s we can help to reduce water waste, and ensure that our precious water supply is maintained and available when we need it most. 

Use waterless products

Cut out unnecessary water waste by replacing liquid products with their waterless equivalents. We have a huge range of lightweight, long lasting waterless products that are far more sustainable than their plastic packaged predecessors.

Have a shower instead of a bath

We all love a soak here at grüum, and a bath can still be an indulgent treat to be enjoyed when you’re in the mood. When it comes to your daily routine however, swapping a bath for a shower could save you time, money, and most importantly, water. 

Having a 5 minute shower uses half as much water as having a bath.

Use a washing up bowl

Using a washing up bowl instead of letting the hot tap run when you wash up or rinse your fruit and veg is a fantastic way to save water. You can also expect to make a saving of up to 20 litres by washing all of your fruit and veg in advance, instead of as and when you need a single carrot.

Use leftover cooking water

And leftover water from rinsing your fruit and veg to water your plants, or for around the garden. Same goes for any forgotten glasses of water, your plants will appreciate them!

Wash the dishes straight away

If you’re washing the dishes by hand, get it done sooner rather than later! Hardened food and residue can make dishes more difficult to clean, and means that they require more water to do so. 

If you’re using a dishwasher however…

Wait until the dishwasher is full 

Don’t switch your dishwasher on until it’s full up. The same amount of water is used by your dishwasher whether there’s one bowl in there, or 10. By waiting until it’s full, you could save around 5-10 litres with every wash.

Wait until your washing machine is full

Sometimes it can be tempting to just wash what you need but waiting until you have a full load before putting on your washing machine can reduce your water waste massively.

Turn off your taps tightly

A dripping tap is more than an annoyance – it’s a huge culprit of water waste and could be ridding you of as much as 3 litres per day. If your tap continues to drip, you may need to change the washer, which is very inexpensive. 

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

Leaving your tap on full flow while you tidy up your incisors can waste an incredible amount of water over the year. Be sure to only use as much as you need and turn the tap off in between uses.

Love, grüum.

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