April Newsletter | Earth Month Deals

Bountiful spring has fully fledged into the gorgeous golden goose it is! Along with bright blooms, green leaves and balmy evenings comes our Earth Month Sale, a brand new spring-inspired fragrance, spring mystery bundles, AND a cheeky payday surprise… Spring truly does GIVETH.

You can get up to 71% off almost everything site wide this month, which is possibly the best deal we’ve ever had! But we just love giving you the chance to transform your routine into something that you AND the planet can adore.

Enjoy yourself Earthling 🌏

Celebrate Earth Month with up to 67% off… and maybe even more!

On the 22nd of April the world celebrated Earth Day, and we’re ringing it in for the rest of the month, with a planet friendly Earth Month Sale!

Rejoice in the loveliness of the world by bagging your favourite eco-friendly treats from just £5, and save up to 67% SITEWIDE! 

But wait, there’s more… This payday weekend you can get an EXTRA 20% off all sale prices with the code EXTRA20 right up until Monday the 29th – saving you up to 71%! Don’t miss out on this sale within a sale!

It’s the perfect opportunity to make some sweet sweet sustainable swaps that’ll have you feeling good inside AND out 💚.

Miss hunting for Easter eggs?

Well the Spring surprises aren’t over yet! Save a bloomin’ marvellous 60% and treat yourself to an alluringly mysterious bundle of 6 full sized products for just £25 (RRP £63) FREE DELIVERY included!

Anything could blossom in your garden of spring mystery bundle treats this Earth Month… from skincare to aromatherapy, and BEYOND.

What will wondrous spring bring you? Save a delightful £38 and bag your bundle of 6 full sized mystery products while you can!

A new aroma to adore

Roll up, roll up! There’s a new fragrance in town… and it’s alcohol free. Introducing our new ultra convenient, super gentle aromatic accessory – doft Roll On Fragrance | Scandinavian Spring, now all yours for just £7 thanks to the Earth Month Sale!

It’s easy to use – simply roll it onto your skin, and breathe in the oasis of aromas.

Fresh, uplifting bluebell, bergamot and apple blossom are followed by scintillating rose and jasmine, before settling into grounding moss, vetivert musk and amber. Mmm.

A couple of the hidden gems inside

Bergamot Peel oil. Famed for its uplifting aroma, known to increase feelings of positivity and calm. The oil itself is anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Patchouli Leaf oil. A grounding oil that brings balance and calm to busy minds. Also famed for its anti-inflammatory properties, patchouli soothes the skin as well.

Sunflower Seed oil. The carrier oil in this gentle perfume. Vitamins A, D and E make this an excellent repairing agent with calming, nourishing and antibacterial properties. Provides a velvety texture.

Have a good frolic on us this spring x

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