Body shave and polish


Our essential body shave and polish kit is perfect for prepping, pampering and getting party ready. The sleek oska razor and blades ensures a super smooth finish, and our nourishing skrub Body Polish will leave your skin soft, moisturised and smelling sensational!

What’s included:

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skrub body polish

Our ‘skrub’ body polish naturally exfoliates, nourishes and illuminates your skin. The caffeine-packed coffee grains stimulate circulation and firm the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. skrub is available in three scents; coffee, coffee & coconut and coffee & strawberry.  Go back to the top >

oska silver metal razor handle

oska razor handle

The ultimate fusion of form and function; bold styling, striking colours and ergonomic design combine to deliver a gripping shave. Go back to the top >

osku precision cartridges

Our osku precision blades deliver a premium shave without the premium price tag. 5 of our ultra-thin platinum coated blades combined with a precision trimmer for those hard to navigate areas. Go back to the top >

kåpa blade cover

Keep your razor in tip top condition at home and on the road, with our handy ‘kåpa’ blade protector. This clip-on cover fits snugly over the cartridge head to protect the blades, and your fingers! Go back to the top >