February Newsletter | Gifts, Offers & More

How is it already the end of February? 🤯

Syrup has been drizzled on pancakes, lots of love has been shared, and ‘is 2024 a leap year’ has been googled by THOUSANDS (it is apparently).

Alongside this, we’ve been cooking up some enticing treats! Discover our BEST OFFERS of the month, including how to GET 20% OFF EVERYTHING and meet some new additions to the gruum family, below 💛

Open your gift, before it’s gone!

Of course kindness comes naturally, but Random Acts of Kindness Day was a great reminder for us to do something nice for you lovely lot!

For a little while longer you can get your paws on three of our bestselling, award winning zero waste body, face and hair care treats, for just £10.50! (RRP £21). However, all good things must come to an end, and this one will be drawing to a close very soon, so don’t miss out on this February offer!

Make sure to claim your HALF PRICE trio of sustainable body and hair care treats today, for just £10.50 🎁 before this offer disappears!

Mystery bundles are gone with the wind! 

Those mysterious lil scamps have wandered off right back to the magical land of great deals from whence they came…

In other words, they completely sold out last week! Which makes a lot of sense, as they were stuffed full of bestsellers, intriguing new products and savings of as much as £55!

If you’re feeling like a silly goose for missing this cheeky treat, don’t worry, my crystal ball tells me that there may be something else mysterious upon the horizon…

Keep your eyes peeled for them next time and for now, take a look at the FRESHEST PRODUCTS ON THE BLOCK below (and find out how to get 20% OFF EVERYTHING TOO)

Could it be love at first sight?

Only one way to find out… Introducing the spiciest new additions to our virtual shelves! We’ve been busy behind the scenes, creating a whole new range of treats, and you can now get 20% OFF these shiny new full priced products with the code FEB20! Take a peek at our top picks:

or… Peruse the whole gang at your leisure x

A bundle, For You.

We’ve got a bountiful new bundle in our back pocket, ready to be released very soon… so keep your eyes peeled! With treats from a whole bunch of different feel-good categories, and of course, a HUGE saving, this is a GOOD ONE.

Perfect as a gift to yourself or to someone you love, with 7 super relaxing full-sized self care products you (or they) are sure to adore. To be released very, very soon!

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