Shave and Wash gift set

Shave and wash kit

from £39.95

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Leave that multi-pack of socks and embarrassing jumper at the store this year; we’ve put together the grüum ‘shave and wash’ gift set. It has everything he’ll need to look his best!

How it works:

  1. Choose your gift: 1 month, 3 month or 6 month supply.
  2. We’ll deliver the first month’s supply to the address specified.
  3. The recipient will also receive a gift voucher, which they must register to receive future kits to an address of their choice (3/6 month gifts only).
Kori face wash

kóri face wash

Soap and water just doesn’t cut it any more. Try kóri – a mild everyday cleanser with eco-friendly exfoliating beads to gently scrub away dirt and unclog pores. Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel soothe and calm the skin, whilst Orange and Eucalyptus give a refreshing hit. See buying options >

gosta facial tonice

gösta facial tonic

Energise and refresh your complexion with gösta; our energising facial tonic. This little bottle could be the answer to many of your skin nightmares, reducing unwanted shine and preventing clogged pores. gösta’s natural ingredients are kind to your face, with a light and zesty citrus scent. See buying options >

osku 5 blade razor head

osku blades

Discover a shave as close as the big brand razors, for a fraction of the price. osku blades are cut from the finest steel, without the dull gimmicks. Enjoy our precision engineered razor heads with 5 blades. See buying options >

oska silver metal razor handle

oska razor handle

The ultimate fusion of form and function; bold styling, striking colours and ergonomic design combine to deliver a gripping shave. See buying options >

kare - daily moisturiser

kåre daily moisturiser

Give your face a little TLK with kåre, our essential daily moisturiser. Hydrate and reinvigorate your skin to look your best, whatever the day (or night) might throw at you. Light and easily absorbed, with a hint of Cedarwood for a refreshing, masculine scent. See buying options >

danne - shave gel

danne shave gel

Bring a little clarity to your morning routine. Clog-free danne shave gel can be used clear for maximum visibility and precision, or gently foamed. Infused with soothing Aloe Vera and antibacterial Witch Hazel, with Orange and Eucalyptus for a mild, fresh scent. See buying options >