Social Media Content Creator & Manager Task

As part of your application for the Social Media Content Creator position, we would like to see your creativity and on-camera presence. Your task is to film a short video discussing your favorite personal care item. This will help us evaluate your communication skills, video production capabilities, and your ability to engage an audience. Choose a personal care item that you use regularly and genuinely like. This could be anything from skincare products, hair care, makeup, grooming tools, or any other personal care item you love.

Task Details

  1. Video Length: 2-3 minutes
  2. Content Requirements:
    • Introduce yourself briefly at the beginning (name and a quick background).
    • Introduce your favorite personal care item.
    • Discuss why you love this product:
      • What makes it stand out?
      • How has it benefited you?
      • Any specific features or ingredients you appreciate?
    • Share any personal experiences or stories related to the use of the product.
    • Provide a recommendation to your audience about why they should try it.
  3. Engagement Tips:
    • Be natural and authentic.
    • Incorporate any creative elements you think will enhance the video (e.g., visual aids, product demos, background music).

Submission Instructions

Evaluation Criteria

Your video will be evaluated based on the following:

We look forward to seeing your video and getting a glimpse of your content creation style!

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