Moisturiser for men: Why should I bother?


Moisturiser is now the second most popular male skin care product (behind face wash), with almost half (49%) of chaps moisturising on the regular. But what about the 51% who aren’t? If that’s you, perhaps you need some more convincing…. You’ve managed all this time without it, so why should you bother now?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to looking after your skin, especially if it’s not particularly high on your personal agenda. With all these fancy-sounding lotions and potions popping up everywhere, it’s not surprising that many guys feel it’s more hassle than it’s worth. In reality though, when it comes to male skin care, it often takes just a small change to make a really big difference. No faffing required!

We’ve rounded up 5 reasons men should use moisturiser:

It protects your skin

When you wash your face, the skin’s protective barrier is broken down, leaving you vulnerable to irritating and damaging elements from the outside world. You might not realise, but your skin goes through a lot in day-to-day life; pollution, harsh weather, dry air, and cigarette smoke all play a big part in upsetting the skin. Moisturiser works to restore this barrier, protecting you from potential damage. For maximum results, look for something with natural ingredients that provide extra goodness – like kåre, for example; it’s got hypoallergenic chamomile extract, so you’re less likely to be affected by irritants.

It can leave you looking healthier

Dehydrated skin is unhappy skin, and unhappy skin leaves you looking, well, a bit dull. We’ve all been guilty of burning the candle at both ends, and your face can be the biggest giveaway. Whilst it won’t stop you from falling asleep in your afternoon meetings, regular moisturising can brighten your complexion and even reduce the appearance of dark circles. As they say, fake it ‘til you make it!

It can help you age better

Ok, so we’re not talking about some miraculous face-lift-esque 10 years younger transformation here, however, regular moisturising can certainly help with the ageing process. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles as skin cells shrivel and lose their elasticity – think dried fruit. When you use a moisturiser, cells are plumped and elasticity is restored, so hey presto, wrinkles appear less prominent. We’ve loaded our kåre moisturiser with natural anti-ageing ingredients like sage, rosemary oil, and collagen (the stuff that keeps your skin wrinkle-free) boosting green tea extract.

It repairs damage from shaving

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; looking after your face post shave is so important! Naturally, shaving puts a lot of stress on the skin. It acts as an exfoliant, removing the protective layer that locks in moisture. If you don’t re-hydrate you’ll be battling tightness, irritation and razor burn. All super annoying, but all easily prevented with moisturiser. But it’s not just the short-term; repeated skin irritation can also cause premature ageing – another reason not to neglect the post-shave.

It literally takes 10 seconds

Classic line: “I’ve got loads to do as it is, I haven’t got time to mess about with skincare products.” Come on guys, you know we don’t do messing about. Applying moisturiser literally takes 10 seconds… possibly even less if you’re super speedy. For all the benefits, surely it’s worth 10 seconds of your time? If you’re still feeling sceptical, just give it a go! Try it for a month and see if you can feel the difference. Your skin will certainly thank you for it!

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