Our commitment to the planet

As a start up of average Joes, we’re pretty concerned about the impact that big business operations and plastic packaging have on the world around us.

We wanted to give our customers the reassurance that not only do we understand our responsibility to reduce our impact on planet Earth and its inhabitants, but that our commitment to the environment is at the forefront of every single decision we make; from where we manufacture our products, right down to the design of our packaging.

When it comes to our products, the majority are manufactured for us right here in the UK. And when we do need to source our products internationally, we transport using shipping freight, to help keep our carbon emissions as low as possible.

You may have noticed the distinct shape of our bottles. They’re great for you, because your grüum deliveries can be posted right through your letterbox; and they’re great for the environment too, as when they’re being transported – whether that’s to us or to you – they take up as little space as possible, so we aren’t wasting resources on transporting thin air (literally).

We try to keep our packaging to a bare minimum – no boxes within boxes, additional cardboard trays, or unnecessary padding. But using containers for liquid products is pretty much unavoidable. Our packaging is made from widely recyclable materials; glass, metal, cardboard and plastic – all of which are widely accepted by curbside recycling schemes across the UK.

Razor cartridges are admittedly a little trickier to recycle at home. As a combination of plastic and metal, these require dismantling in order to be processed and recycled. That’s why we offer the UK’s first (and only) razor cartridge recycling scheme for our customers.

Just return your used razor cartridges back to us in batches of 16, in one of our special letterbox sized brown boxes, and we’ll recycle them on your behalf.

Just send your old blades to: FREEPOST GRUUM CARTRIDGE RECYCLING

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