Perlite: our newest ingredient

We’ve made the switch from ‘polyhydroxybutyrate’ to ‘perlite’ for the exfoliating particles in our kóri Exfoliating Face Wash. Here’s the full download on what this change means, and why we’ve done it.

What is perlite?

Perlite is a mineral that is derived from volcanic rock. It’s a widely used ingredient in the skincare and cosmetics world and is often found in face masks, powder-based make-up and exfoliating scrubs. Perlite particles are naturally spherical and solid, making them an ideal alternative to plastic microbeads in face scrubs.

What are the benefits of using it?

As you can tell from the variety of products you can find perlite in, it has a number of benefits. We use it as the ‘mechanical exfoliator’, so first let’s look at why it’s a great option in exfoliating scrubs. 

Perlite is naturally spherical, meaning it’s able to gently remove away dead skin cells. We want our products to be gentle enough to use on a daily basis; using perlite means that kóri Exfoliating Face Wash is. Other commonly found natural exfoliators, such as walnut, rice and oats can be too harsh and abrasive for everyday use.

Perlite is also excellent at absorbing excess oils and moisture in the skin, without drying it out. This means that it can help to mattify and reduce the appearance of shiny skin, without dehydrating it. Pairing perlite with witch hazel extracts, which help to contract and reduce the appearance of pores, in kóri Exfoliating Face Wash makes it ideal for those with oily skin.

Why have you changed the formulation?

We’ve made this change as we’re trying to do a better job of looking after our planet. As perlite is derived from volcanic ash, the process it has to undergo to be used in cosmetics is much quicker and has a much smaller carbon footprint than the starch-derived polyhydroxybutyrate found in our previous formulation use.

Will I notice any difference?

You shouldn’t notice any difference in the day to day use of our kóri Exfoliating Face Wash. However, you may notice some small dark flecks in the product. We just want to reassure you that this doesn’t mean the product is contaminated or anything like that – perlite is derived from volcanic materials so it’s normal to see some of these flecks in the product!

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