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Waste-free bamboo and cotton reusable face pads. Remove makeup and take care of your skin while being planet friendly. Each set of 5 can last up to 1000 washes.
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Planet friendly
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What makes it special
  • All-natural. Each face pad is made of biodegradable bamboo and cotton, making these pads kind to both your skin and the planet. 
  • Reusable. A great sustainable alternative to single use face pads. Simply place in the cotton mesh wash bag after use and pop them in the wash as you would a piece of clothing. 
  • Set of 5. We’ve included 5 reusable face pads to keep you going throughout the week.
  • Long lasting. These magical makeup removers can last up to 1000 washes. That’s quite a few nights on the town. 
  • Planet friendly. You won’t find an ounce of plastic or any chemical nasties in our reusable face pads. Once you’ve (finally) finished with them, they’re also fully compostable.


70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton.


100% Cotton.

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