£25 Mystery Lucky Dip Bag


Well aren’t you in for a treat! Worth an enchanting £90.50, today you can pick up 7 full sized surprise products, PLUS one of our OG tote bags for just £25. Save 72%! Includes FREE delivery 💸

Discover what makes it special

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Good to know:

Vegan friendly
Cruelty free
Planet friendly
No chemical nasties
Pocket friendly
All skin types
What makes it special
  • Delightfully Intriguing. Choosing stuff is overrated. There’s nothing better than a top notch self care surprise, and you can’t go wrong with an alluring selection of our most popular products.
  • Great value. You’ll save a massive £65.50 on individual products! That’s some spicy delicious maths we can all appreciate.
  • A Christmas treat. Our mystery bag is a fantastic opportunity to bestow some special treats on someone you adore this festive season.
  • Full size products. We only include full sized products in our mystery bags (and a tote 😉) so future you can feel the benefits for weeks to come.
  • Free delivery. Your mystery bag will be delivered to your door for FREE! The shiny cherry on an already delicious cake.
  • Vegan friendly. Everything in our mystery bag is both cruelty free and completely vegan so you can treat yourself (or a vegan you love) with confidence.
  • Naturally kind. You won’t find any chemical nasties in this mystery bag, just straight up grüum goodies.

Each set contains…

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