botanisk - Prickly Pear Oil | 30ml


With the power to deeply moisturise and hydrate, stimulate new cell growth, soothe inflammation and brighten the skin, our lightweight, non pore clogging, botanisk Prickly Pear Oil is a must-have in the battle to prevent and combat signs of ageing. This superhero oil will make your skin glow.
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Product description ▾

Why is it special?

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vitamin E scavenges damaging free radicals, speeds up wound healing, and calms redness and sunburn. It also promotes cell regeneration to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin K strengthens blood vessels to reduce dark circles and broken capillaries. It also brightens areas of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and promotes elasticity for tighter, firmer skin.
  • Packed with collagen boosting amino acids to encourage faster cell turnover and increase water retention to keep skin fresh, plump and younger looking.
  • Has the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids of any beauty oil, particularly linoleic acid, which is essential in stimulating healthy cell production, replenishing lost lipids and restoring elasticity. It locks in moisture and fortifies the skin’s barrier.
  • Not only wonderful for your face and neck, the moisturising, skin softening and regenerating properties of botanisk Prickly Pear Oil can also benefit your hair, nails and cuticles.

To cut down on waste, all of our botanisk oils are plastic-free and housed in 100% recyclable glass and aluminium packaging. We don’t include a dropper, but if you need one you can buy a reusable pipette here >


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How to use ▾

Apply a few drops to clean, dry skin morning and night (before moisturising) and allow the natural oils to go to work restoring the skin’s natural balance.

Full ingredients list ▾

Optunis Fictus-Indica Seed Oil.