Coco-Nutty Skin Balm | 70g

They might be growing up crazy fast, but you can still keep their skin baby soft. Our mess free super soothing moisturiser uses gentle, vegan friendly ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter to deeply soothe and replenish the skin without leaving any oily residue.
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Good to know:

Cruelty free
Palm oil free
No chemical nasties
Made in UK
What makes it special
  • Cocoa butter. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that heal and hydrate, cocoa butter locks in moisture, soothing irritated skin and scalps. This creamy anti-inflammatory emollient forms a protective layer that prevents dryness throughout the day. 
  • Coconut oil. Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and deeply replenishing, this super hydrating wonder ingredient nourishes and repairs skin, strengthening the barrier between you and the world.
  • Candelila wax. A vegan substitute for beeswax, sourced from a plant in southern North America. Attracts moisture and locks it in without clogging pores and while soothing irritation, leaving skin silky soft. Naturally slightly honey scented!
  • Mess free. Switching to a solid moisturiser is so easy! No messy liquids, just a smooth, easy to use bar.
  • Planet friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint (and the much tinier footprint of your little one) with our zero plastic, palm oil free bars. 
  • Travel friendly. Off on holiday? Or just visiting family? No worries, these little bars are easy to transport, take up very little space and don’t add to your liquids.
  • Long lasting. This little bar can last up to 60 uses!
How to use
  1. Take the skin balm in your hand and gently rub it along the desired patch of skin (one or two passes should do it).
  2. The warm skin and motion will naturally melt the bar just enough to leave the perfect amount behind on the skin. 
  3. Massage in with your hands. 
  4. Ta da! Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Theobroma Cocao Seed Butter (Cocoa Butter), Stearic Acid, Euphorbia cerifera cera (Candelilla Wax), Parfum

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