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ërgo Razor Handle

A sturdy weighted handle designed for easy gripping while shaving. Compatible with ërgo Face and ërgo Body Razor Cartridges.

What makes it special:

  • Choose from four bold colours to complement all bathrooms 
  • Crafted from steel and rubber to provide superior grip – it’s a razor designed for how you actually shave
  • With a simple one-click connector to work exclusively with ërgo Body and ërgo Face Razor Cartridges

Do I get a new handle with each kit?

No. Our handles have been designed to last months (if not years!), so lets try not to be wasteful eh. You will always get a free ergonomic razor handle in your first kit (if a handle is included in your contents). If… Read more

How do I remove the blade cartridge from my razor handle?

We’ve designed our razors with a one click system which makes removing the blade cartridge super easy. Simply push the black button on the front of your razor handle to release, and the blade cartridge will pop off.

Are grüum razor blades and handles compatible with other brands?

No. Our razors are manufactured exclusively for grüum in the UK and protected by 18 patents. Our blades and handles are specially designed to work together for a great shave.

How to look after your bamboo toothbrush

The most important step in preventing moistness or mould and to look after your bamboo toothbrush is to dry the bristles and the handle with a towel. This is because if you let your bamboo toothbrush soak in the cup it will not… Read more

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