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eske Carry Tin

Our aluminium carry tin. Great for storing either our glo Toothpaste Tablets or såpa Body Bars.

What makes it special:

  • Durable. Made from hard wearing aluminium, your eske tin will last for years to come without rusting or wearing away. 
  • One size fits all. You have a home for whatever grüum såpa Body Bar you choose. Also perfect for your glo toothpaste tablets.
  • Simple design. No fuss, no mess – just a pop top lid and sleek, easy to clean aluminium.
  • Travel friendly. Our eske Body Bar Carry Tin measurements are – L 9.5cm H 2.8cm W 7cm. They’re lightweight too.
  • Planet friendly. Aluminium is widely and easily recyclable, with it often taking just 60 days to complete the recycling process in full.