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hålla Diatomite Dish

with DIATOMITE (5 reviews)
Say hello to hålla! Keep your plastic-free grüum bars in tip top condition with our beautiful Diatomite soap dish.

What makes it special:

  • Diatomite. A type of sedimentary rock, Diatomite is naturally absorbent and antibacterial. 
  • Extends shelf life. Soaks up excess moisture from soap, shampoo and conditioner bars in minutes, keeping them clean and dry in between washes. 
  • Available in 3 colours. Choose a colour that complements your bathroom. 
  • Planet friendly. You won’t find any plastic in our all-natural dishes. 

To keep your dish looking fresh, avoid leaving them in places where they’ll get excessively wet. Allow to dry out in a well-ventilated spot after use to help avoid crumbling or damage.

What do our customers think?

5 Based on 5 reviews
Karen D
My Gruum order arrived yesterday morning and unfortunately, the soap dish was broken. I contacted Customer Services, asking for a replacement. The response was prompt and there were no quibbles. I was told they would put a new one in the post for me and I got it this morning! Can’t complain about service like that!
22nd January 2022
I’ve only used their solid shampoo and conditioner bars but I love them! I spent about a year finding good bars to use and Gruum have smashed it out the park. Their Diatomite dishes are amazing as well. Dries the bars out so quickly which means they last so much longer! Looking forward to trying their new products 🙂
6th May 2021
jon morgan
The Haila Diatomite soap dishes are fantastic, ordered a couple a while ago then waited until the white was back in stock as family members wanted them. In these days of a lot of handwashing a good soap dish is needed and these are great soap dishes.
29th April 2021

How to care for your hålla Diatomite dish?

Our dishes are the perfect storage solution for all your grüum Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner bars. Made from 100% natural diatomite, these dishes can absorb up to 1.5 times their own water, meaning you’ll never have to worry about a soggy shampoo… Read more