hårkam Bamboo Comb

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Our wide toothed bamboo comb. Transform tangled roots into sleek, shiny strands. Perfect for all hair types.
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What makes it special
  • Anti-frizz. Thanks to its neutral negative charge, Bamboo is great for taming wild hair, as it’s less likely to cause static. 
  • Wide spacing. Our combs are designed to glide through your hair with ease, without disturbing its natural shape, thanks to generous spacing.
  • Hard-wearing. This comb will last you for years to come, and it’ll resist a few drops on the floor every now and again.
  • All natural. Bamboo is a great replacement for plastic. It’s easily accessible and abundant; the perfect planet friendly alternative.
Frequently asked questions

How do I use my glôs Conditioner Bar?

Shampoo your hair (we’d recommend our hår Shampoo Bars!) and rinse thoroughly. It’s best to leave your hair quite wet, as opposed to using liquid conditioner when it’s normally recommended that you get rid of excess moisture. Wet your hands with warm water…. Read more

I don’t feel like I have enough Conditioner in my hair?

Whether you’re using a solid or liquid conditioner, you only need a small amount to achieve silky, shiny and smooth hair. With bottled conditioner it’s really easy to put way too much conditioner in your hair! If you’re used to bottled conditioner, it’s… Read more

Which Shampoo Bar should I use?

We have 4 different shampoo bars to choose from, so let’s help you decide! Nourishing Coconut – All Hair Types A real crowd pleaser! This bar is a great all-rounder that smooths and adds shine to all hair types – Coconut oil is renowned… Read more

How do I use my hår Shampoo Bar?

Once you’ve wet the hair, swirl your shampoo bar across the hair to release a generous amount of suds that we’re sure your hair will love! Once you have given the hair a good wash, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then condition as normal… Read more

Do glôs Conditioner Bars lather in the same way as hår Shampoo Bars?

If you’ve used our hår Shampoo Bars, you’ll be familiar with the way they create a lot of foamy lather to clean the hair. Without getting too technical, this foamy lather helps to remove unwanted particles from the hair (like dirt and… Read more

I ordered a ‘Colour Protect’ bar but have received ‘Shine Enhancing’ – why?

We’ve recently renamed our ‘Colour Protect’ bars to ‘Shine Enhancing’. These still contain exactly the same ingredients of henna and juniper, which are renowned for their shine-enhancing properties – whether your hair is coloured or not. This bar is still our recommended… Read more

glôs Conditioner Bars feel very different to liquid conditioner – how come?

glôs Conditioner Bars feel *very* different to liquid, bottled conditioners – we won’t deny it! An they can take a little getting used to.. Our Conditioner Bars are activated by warm water – so you’ll need to make sure your hands or… Read more

How do I recycle the bag my sapa soap comes in?

The bags containing our såpa Body Bars and occasionally our Hair Bars are made from glassine – a type of paper. These can be recycled in two ways; either in your paper recycling or in your compost recycling.

What’s special about grüum razors?

Our razors are designed to give a shave as close and comfortable as the big brand names, but for a fraction of the price. The blades are crafted from high grade Swedish steel, with an added roller to smooth the skin and… Read more

Which shampoo bar is best for dandruff?

Our shampoo bars are not specifically designed for the treatment of dandruff, but with the nourishing properties and coconut extract, our nourishing shampoo bar has worked brilliantly for our customers in reducing the appearance of dandruff. However, our Anti dandruff bar is specifically… Read more

How do I store my glôs Conditioner bar?

We’d recommend using one of our large round tenn tins to store your bar when dry, they’re great for travel! These storage tins are larger than the shampoo ones to allow for easy access.However, the most important thing to remember is to… Read more

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Don’t just take our word for it…
Caglar Toplar
perfect for using for showering.
19th September 2023
Great conditioning comb. I have very thick hair and it glides through leaving no tangles.
19th September 2023
Great for separating curls in the shower
30th June 2023

Don’t just take our word for it…

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