kudde Satin Pillowcase

Say goodnight to frizz. Tame wayward locks and troublesome skin with your eyes closed, and wake up to a great day. Kind to all skin and hair types.
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Good to know:

All hair types
All skin types
Vegan friendly
Pocket friendly
Reduces frizz
Reduces irritation
Planet friendly
What makes it special
  • Frizz reduction. Curly and wavy pals rejoice! Frictionless smooth satin doesn’t tug your hair about or stimulate hair cuticles like cotton, so you can wake up to glossy wavy locks.
  • Less hair breakage. Freedom of movement makes for intact strands. While cotton traps and tugs, leading to breakage, your hair can glide easily across satin without leaving a hair behind.
  • Hydrated locks. Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair. Losing all that wonderful hydration in your sleep is not the dream at all. Smooth satin allows you to retain it.
  • A content complexion. Amazing for both dry skin and acne. The frictionless smooth surface allows skin to retain vital moisture while reducing irritation, leading to a healthier, happier complexion.
  • Fewer skin creases. Skin stretching and pulling through the night can have a long term effect on your complexion. The smooth frictionless surface of satin puts a stop to this.
  • Keep cool. In warmer weather, or for those people who radiate heat in the night, satin is the ultimate antidote. The cool side of the pillow is available all night long.
  • Sustainably sourced. Our pillowcases are made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester satin. Suitable for all hair and skin types. Dreamy.
  • Standard size.  (W: 70cm L: 50cm )
How to use
  1. Slip your breathable satin pillowcase onto your pillow.
  2. Dream those sweet sweet frizz free dreams.
  3. Wake up to blemish free skin and hydrated hair.

Care Instructions

30 Degree wash. Iron on low heat.


100% Recycled Polyester Satin.

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kudde Satin Pillowcase

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  • Cream
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