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oska Premium Razor Handle

(137 reviews)
A fusion of form and function. Enjoy a sleek design with a durable, weighted grip that ensures comfort, control and style. Compatible with our osku Razor Cartridges.

What makes it special:

  • Hardwearing zinc alloy. Crafted from durable, wear resistant zinc alloy that is designed to last. Enjoy the sleek aesthetic while benefiting from a weighted, sturdy hold. 
  • Six vivid colours. Choose a colour that complements your personality (and your bathroom) a range of colours available. 
  • Ergonomic. Designed for comfort and grip, the carefully crafted curves are as much about performance as they are about style.
  • Planet friendly. Your razor handle will last for years to come. Say goodbye to wasteful disposable razors and hello to your hard wearing, long lasting razor handle.
  • Replaceable cartridges. Your razor handle has a simple one-click connector that works exclusively with osku Precision 6 and osku Comfort 3 razor blades. When you’re finished with a cartridge, simply pop it off and replace with a new one

What do our customers think?

4.94 Based on 137 reviews
Elisabeth Lonsdale
Really good to support young British entrepreneurs. My husband has no complaints with his razor. All the best.
2nd April 2022
Niki Barnett-Henry
I love your products. I discovered your company a couple of years back and bought some of your products for Christmas tree gifts. Almost everyone asked where they came from. I’ve just ordered two sets for Mothers Day gifts from my Granddaughters to their Mum. She said your razor was the best she’d ever used. I cannot pour more praise on your company and tell my mates often. A couple of concessions in department stores would be good. John Lewis or Selfridges would be fab. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s fab.
23rd March 2022
Sarah Tillett
Fast, effective delivery & a great choice of products. I’ve just ordered the Ultimate Chill (50% off right now!) as a follow up to the free trial as the razor and shaving gel was great!
19th March 2022

I have sensitive skin – which blade do you recommend?

All of our blades are designed to give a close and comfortable shave. However, it might be best to go for the 3 blade option if you do have sensitive skin to minimise any potential irritation.

Can I use grüum razors to shave my head?

Our razors have been designed to shave faces, legs and bodies. Of course you are welcome to use them on your head if you wish, but please be careful!

How do I recycle my blades?

We’re pretty concerned about the impact that waste is having on the world around us. In order to help combat this, we’ve launched the UK’s first razor cartridge recycling scheme for our customers. Once you’ve saved 16 used cartridges, they can be… Read more

How often should I replace my razor blades?

Our blades are cut from high quality, durable steel and will stay sharp for a long time. However, to ensure the closest, finest shave, we recommend changing your blades once a week if you shave regularly, or fortnightly if not.

Are grüum razor blades and handles compatible with other brands?

No. Our razors are manufactured exclusively for grüum in the UK and are protected by 18 patents. Our blades and handles are specially designed to work together for a great shave.Our oska handle is compatible with our osku blades and our ergo… Read more

How do I remove the blade cartridge from my razor handle?

We’ve designed our razors with a one click system which makes removing the blade cartridge super easy. Simply push the black button on the front of your razor handle to release, and the blade cartridge will pop off.

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