Rowdy Kind Tin

Keep your bars safe and dry while exploring! Our aluminium tins are here to hold the fort while your little ones enjoy their adventure, whether that’s by the pool, off camping, or simply visiting family!
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What makes it special
  • Durable. Made from hard wearing aluminium, your Rowdy Kind tin will last for years to come without rusting or wearing away!
  • Simple design. No fuss, no mess – just a pop top lid and sleek, easy to clean aluminium.
  • Travel friendly. Our Rowdy Kind tin measurements are: L 6.5cm H 6.5cm W 2.8cm. They’re lightweight too.
  • Planet friendly. Aluminium is widely and easily recyclable, with it often taking just 60 days to complete the recycling process in full.
How to use

Rinse and dry your tin between uses to keep it nice for next time!

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