säva Sisal Soap Bag

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A great way to store solid bars, or make the most of your solid soap. This waste-free alternative to shower pouffes is a fantastic exfoliation tool. Biodegradable.
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What makes it special
  • Naturally exfoliating. A great alternative to a plastic shower pouffe. Thanks to thick but gentle natural fibres, your bag will exfoliate and cleanse with ease. Simply pop the soap inside, wet and wash. 
  • No waste. You can get every last bit out of your såpa body bar by washing with a sisal bag instead of a pouffe. No more annoying leftovers!
  • Durable & reusable. You can reuse your bag over and over again. Be sure to keep it in tip-top condition by storing in a dry environment and cleaning weekly.
  • One size fits all. Suitable for all grüum zero-plastic products
  • Planet friendly. Made from Sisal fibre, with a small wooden bead, this bag is completely biodegradable and even compostable.
How to use
  1. Pop your favourite soap bar in your bag, tighten with the toggle and you’re good to go.
  2. Run under warm water, and use as you would a traditional loofah.
  3. Store hanging in the shower (soap and all), and leave to drip dry.
Don’t just take our word for it…
This is an excellent bag and allows you to use the solid soap as a shower gel, making plenty of lather. I was worried it would be too rough on my skin but it actually feels ok. It is expensive compared to similar products online, as l decided l needed another bag to hang in the shower with my face cleanser bar in too.
4th May 2024
Glenda Bourne-Williams
Keeps your bars neatly, much nicer than having a dish
19th April 2024
Combines perfectly with the lovely soap. Exfoliates skin well
14th April 2024

Don’t just take our word for it…

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säva Sisal Soap Bag

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