Up your shave game with these self care secrets

At grüum, we pay attention to the little details, because we find that they make the biggest difference. That’s why we’ve designed our ërgo razors using non-slip rubber, for ultimate control over every contour. 

A smooth shave however, is about so much more than a well-designed razor (although this is a vital ingredient). Learn how to keep your skin happy, and transform what was once a chore into a relaxing self-care experience with our step-by-step guide to a smoother, kinder shave.

 Top tips for looking after your skin while shaving 

  1. Keep blades fresh. Imagine how it feels to slice a tomato with a blunt knife. Ragged edges might be fine for a simple sandwich filler (depending on who’s eating it) but your face deserves better. We recommend replacing your razor every 5-7 shaves to reduce irritation and encourage a smoother shave. 
  2. Get steamy. Your shower or bath is your best friend. Hanging out in the steamy confines of your bathroom for at least 10 minutes pre-shave will open up your pores while softening your hair, making it easier to remove. 
  3. Exfoliate. Ingrown hairs are like confused ostriches sticking their heads in the sand. Tease hair upwards by using a gentle exfoliator. Extra bonus – your pores will be unclogged, reducing chances of irritation and infection.
  4. Read the room. Pay attention to what feels good when using your razor. Going with the grain is often suggested to avoid ingrown hairs and unnecessary irritation, but your facial hair likes to keep you guessing – it can grow in a number of different directions, so it’s best to simply find what feels right for you. 
  5. Be kind. A gentle pat dry is all you need, this isn’t airport security. Your skin has been through enough, and you getting aggressive with a towel is not something it will appreciate. Make sure your towel is clean and dry as well, to reduce irritation and impurities. 
  6. Get some toner. This genius little skincare tool is the secret ingredient you never knew you needed. Toners works to tighten pores, reduce redness, and gently refresh your skin. Apply to dry skin, post shave. Apply a lightweight, repairing daily moisturiser afterwards and you’ll be wondering where these liquid hype men have been all your life. 
  7. Store well. Be sure to store your razor in a dry place between uses to avoid it coming into contact with germs and grime that can cause irritation and infection. 

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