The 7 most common beard grooming mistakes, and how you can avoid them

We’re rather partial to a bit of facial fuzz here at grüum HQ; a good beard gives you some solid man-points and helps keep you snug in the chilly weather. The thing is though, getting it right can be tricky business, and nobody likes a bad-beard. We’ve rounded up the 7 most common beard grooming mistakes so you can avoid any facial-hair faux pas!

Beard grooming mistake 1: You wash your beard with regular shampoo

Aside from not washing it at all (because wandering around with the remnants of a lunchtime meal deal in your beard is never a good look), one of the most common beard grooming mistakes is washing with the wrong kind of product.

beard grooming mistakes 1

We know what you’re thinking, “surely hair is just hair, right?” and this is actually a really common misconception. The skin on your face is much more sensitive than other parts of the body (scalp included), so hair shampoo is likely to leave you with an itchy, irritated face, and in turn, a sad looking beard. The same goes for soap or shower gel – it’s a big no from us!

Opt for a gentle beard wash instead; it will keep everything clean and fresh without upsetting your skin. We’d recommend using our bård beard wash every other day or so, giving it a rinse with warm water in-between washes.

Beard grooming mistake 2: You shave the neckline too high

This is quite possibly the single most common beard grooming mistake and is usually the unfortunate outcome of an attempt to keep everything sharp and trim.

The clue is in the name really, it’s a neckline… not a jawline or a chinline, yet so many chaps are walking around with beards that stop at the jaw.

Whilst nobody wants a neckbeard (more on that in a moment), shaving your neckline too high certainly isn’t going to do you any favours either. Overly-high necklines are notorious for making even the slimmest of guys look like they have a double chin… Not ideal.

Placing 2 fingers just above your Adam’s apple, and drawing an imaginary line around to your ears should give you a general idea of where your neckline should be. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the beard the higher you can go with the neckline, just make sure you do stick to the neck region and stay well clear of the jaw.

Beard grooming mistake 3: You have a neckbeard

On the opposite end of the spectrum to shaving the neckline too high is just not bothering with it at all. As far as beard grooming mistakes go, this has got to be one of the worst, so please, keep it trim chaps.

Beard grooming mistake 4: You don’t use beard oil

Well-moisturised fuzz is happy fuzz, and beard oil is essential for this. It might seem trivial, but skipping the oil is another one of the major beard grooming mistakes that so many guys are making.

When it comes to the skin underneath your beard, it’s easy to go for an “out of sight, out of mind” approach; but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it should be ignored… Beard hair has a habit of wicking moisture away from the skin. If you ever suffer from an itchy face underneath your fuzz, your lack of beard oil is most likely to blame!

But it’s not just your face, a daily dose of beard oil will keep your fuzz smelling fresh, and stop it looking like a scouring pad. It literally takes 2 seconds to apply; just work a couple of drops through your beard, making sure you get right down to the skin.

Beard grooming mistake 5: Your stubble is out of control

Although the stubble look might appear effortless, we’re afraid it’s not really a case of stopping shaving for a while and hoping for the best. Stubble that’s left to its own devices is likely to leave you looking like you’re in need of a decent night’s’ kip; so it’s definitely worth paying it a bit of attention.

A regular trim with a beard trimmer is the best way to keep your stubble in check. A simple rule to follow here is to go for a higher grade on your cheeks and chin, bringing it shorter as you move down below the jawline, blending the hair towards your Adam’s apple.

Beard grooming mistake 6: You use the wrong trimmer settings

As far as beard grooming mistakes go, this certainly isn’t the most tragic, but getting this right can make a noticeable difference to the overall appearance of your fuzz.

Unless you’re one of a blessed minority, the chances are your beard isn’t going to be totally even. Patchiness is one of the most common complaints, particularly in the early stages of beard growth.

To even things out a little, avoid sticking to just one grade setting on your trimmer. It might sound obvious now, but always make sure you go for a higher grade setting on the patchier areas. This will keep everything nice and trim, whilst allowing some time for these patchy parts to catch up.

Beard grooming mistake 7: You let things run too wild

The most obvious, and arguably the most unsavoury beard grooming mistake, is ditching the trimmers completely and letting it run wild.

You might think that leaving your beard to its own devices is the best way to get it to grow long, but this definitely isn’t the case! Aside from the fact that you’ll inevitably start looking like some kind of vagabond, an unkempt beard is very unlikely to reach its full potential in terms of length and thickness.

To make the most out of your fuzz, you should be trimming your ‘tasche regularly with a pair of grooming scissors. Ideally, it should sit at an even length just above your lip. Even out your cheeks with a beard trimmer, using a lower grade setting as you blend down towards your neckline.

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