Why we love vitamin E 🌞

Ultra rejuvenating vitamin E is not only your skin’s best friend, it’s also a top pal to sunscreen and vitamin C, helping them both to work at optimum capacity.

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Here’s why we love it so much…

Enhanced sun protection.

Topical application of vitamin E before exposure to UV rays has been proven to significantly reduce its harmful effects. It works by helping to absorb UV rays before they can cause a ruckus, whilst reducing and repairing cell breakdown caused by free radicals.

That’s why you’ll find it in our facial suncreen, Daily Defence Lotion 🌞

Brightening boost.

Vitamin E reduces hyperpigmentation by defending against UV radiation, which is gorgeous on it’s own of course. However… the magic is in the collaboration! As you might well know already, vitamin C is famed for its powerful brightening effects! But did you know that it works best when used alongside vitamin E?

That’s right, vitamin E and vitamin C are tight pals. Vitamin E is happy to give vitamin C a piggy back ride deep into the VIP area of the epidermis, that it cannot reach alone, where it’s brightening properties can really do their work.

Soothes sensitive skin.

It can be hard going out there for the more sensitive amongst us. But all round good guy vitamin E wants you to have a good time, whatever your situation. Anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the formation of sunburn cells, while antioxidant properties decrease and repair cell breakdown.

Vitamin E also helps to heal and restore skin affected by conditions such as erythema and edema.  


Vitamin E is the ultimate antioxidant, gently restoring balance to complexions affected by every day issues like pollution and sun exposure. Skin wrinkling and even skin tumour development due to chronic exposure to UV rays are all diminished by the regular application of vitamin E, while collagen production is increased. Cute.

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