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Sign up to a grüum plan and let us keep you topped up with bathroom essentials so you never run out.

Save up to 50%

When you subscribe to a regular grüum plan you’ll enjoy savings of up to 50% compared to our on-demand prices.

You call the shots: our flexible approach means you can change, pause or cancel your kit at any time.

Build your kit

Pick your own products or let us create a bundle for you. From a single item to the whole package.

Choose your schedule

Tell us how often you’d like to receive your kit: every one, two or three months? You’re the boss.

We deliver

Our letterbox friendly packs will drop through your door when you need them. No signature needed.

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Subscription FAQs

Please find all our most popular questions below. If you need any more help, visit our Contact page.

How do I cancel a plan?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but if you wish to cancel your plan, you can do so at any time by logging in to your account. 

If you have any current orders that have not yet been packed and you would prefer to cancel, you can click on ‘Order History’ where you will see the option to cancel and refund any current orders. 

Can I change the contents of my kit?

You sure can. Log in to  your account at any time to edit the contents of your grüum kit for future deliveries.

Change your kit contents: just head to ‘your grüum plan’ and choose the plan you want to view. You can then select ‘edit my kit’ to pick and mix from any of the products available on site.
You can also remove unwanted items, add new items and increase or reduce the quantity of individual items in your kit.

Do I get a new handle with each kit?

No. Our handles have been designed to last months (if not years!), so lets try not to be wasteful eh. You will always get a free ergonomic razor handle in your first kit (if a handle is included in your contents). If you require an additional or replacement handle, you can purchase through your subscription plan for just £5.

If you haven’t got a subscription plan set up, you can purchase additional razor handles through our ‘shop’ on the website. 

Can I have more than one subscription on my account?

Of course! You can add multiple subscriptions, so if you need different kits or want to add a kit for a loved one, you can do so easily by logging in to your account, and going to the ‘my account’ section. 

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for your subscription using all major credit and debit cards, or you can use your PayPal.

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