January Newsletter | Best Offers Of the Month

New year, New Treats! Save up to £93 💛

Welcome to the first grüum newsletter of the year!

We’ve been busy branching out behind the scenes, pulling together the spiciest ingredients mother nature has to offer, so you can feel TIP TOP in 2024. 

With January deals popping up all over the place it’s hard to keep up, let alone know what to pocket!

But worry not, you’re in the right place… if you’re after the BEST self care deals of the month that is. And we know you are. 

Let us introduce your soon-to-be favourites and the sumptuous savings of as much as £93 that come with them.

Hand Care Bundles | Save £34

Frosty climates can really take their toll on your digits, but we have the antidote! Get up to £34 off healing bundles full of FANCY NEW products, and put your paws (and pennies) in good hands!

We have two brand new hand care bundles ripe for picking, and full of juicy savings!

Scroll on to find out more…

Happy Hands Duo £28 £14

Gently restore and nourish your paws with this dreamy duo of mitt-loving luxury, now HALF PRICE. You can keep everyone’s hands happy with our super nourishing extra large hand cream, and use our brand new naturally exfoliating sugar scrub bar packed full of restoring oils to buff, polish and replenish tired, sore hands.

1 x händ Luxurious Hand Cream | 220ml | RRP £18

with Argan Oil, Shea Butter & Lavender

1 x skura Sugar Hand Scrub | 40g | RRP £10 | NEW

with Basil, Bergamot & Coconut oil

Shop Happy Hands Duo and SAVE £14 now.

Hand Care Collection £30 £10

Take care of your hands, from wrist to tip! With these nail and skin nourishing treats, you’ll be manicure ready in no time. This handy healing trio is entirely made up of SPARKLY NEW PRODUCTS we know you’ll love! Our exfoliating sugar scrub bar is in here as well, alongside our brand new citrus hand cream and of course, for the manicure must-haves out there, we’ve got our brand new cuticle oil!

1 x skura Sugar Hand Scrub | 40g | RRP £10 | NEW

with Basil, Bergamot & Coconut oil

1 x händ Hydrating Hand Cream | 50ml | RRP £8 | NEW

with Orange, Lemongrass and Cocoa butter

1 x  klo Cuticle Oil | 9ml | RRP £12 | NEW

with Jojoba oil, Avocado oil & Vitamin E | NEW

Shop Hand Care Collection and SAVE £20 now.

Recovery Bundles | Save £24

Whatever you’ve been up to this January, we reckon some replenishment is in order.

We’ve put together our most soothing products to help you get back to base and find your peaceful place, wherever it may have wandered off to! Ideal for relieving both mental and physical stress and with a HUGE saving of £24, this deal is not one to be missed…

Calming Recovery Bundle £34 £10

Serenade tired muscles and settle your mind with a combo of aromatherapy and restoring physical therapy. Mmmmmm. Uplift, relax and hydrate with our nifty pocket sized soothing mist, infuse your home with grounding aromas, and dissapate aches and pains with our calming massage bar.

1x lugna Calming Spray | 50ml | RRP £16 | NEW

with Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain & Eucalyptus

1x vädra Reed Diffuser Set | 30ml | RRP £8 | NEW

with Grounding Sandalwood, Patchouli & Rosemary

1x hydrat Moisture Massage Bar | 35g | RRP £10 | NEW

with Lavender, Neroli & Cocoa Butter

Shop Calming Recovery Bundle and SAVE £24 now.

Hair Care Bundles | Save £5

Take the best care of your hair and GET A HUGE 20% OFF with our extra special hair care bundle offer! This one has a specific trick up it’s sleeve, as well as a plethora of naturally nourishing ingredients to bestow upon your barnet (of course).

It’s time to make great hair days the NORM!

Copper Control Duo £25 £20 

Tone, treat and transform your hair with our zero waste brass banishing duo – no chemical nasties required. This sustainable shampoo and conditioner set restores balance and shine to all hair types, naturally!

Copper notes are swapped for shimmering tones, as each strand is beautifully balanced. Rich in deeply hydrating ingredients your and scalp will adore, this plastic free, vegan and travel friendly set is a dream come TRUE! now, 20% OFF!

1 x hår Shampoo Bar – Copper Control | 50g | RRP £12 | NEW

with Oat Kernel Oil, Wheat Germ Oil & Camellia Seed Oil

1 x glôs Conditioner Bar – Copper Control | 50g | RRP £13 | NEW

with Oat Kernel Oil, Camellia Seed Oil & Coconut Oil

shop Copper Control Duo and SAVE £5 now.

Coming soon… Candles (Now in Glass!) | Save £30

And last but far, far from least…

Come on baby, light my fire! Our incredibly popular hand-poured soy wax candles will soon be returning with your favourite scintillating aromas, now set in AMBER GLASS so you can savour every last note, and even upcycle your jar afterwards!

Sign up to our Candle Restock Waiting List to be notified as soon as they’re ready, and get ALL FOUR for £30! RRP £15 EACH.

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