osku: Comfort 3

3-blade cartridge

Ideal for body-shaving, our osku “comfort” cartridges give you maximum control, whilst minimizing irritation. Three ultra-thin platinum coated blades are kind to sensitive skin, with a price tag that’s kind to your wallet.

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“This is by far the best razor I have ever used. I have now signed up to have them delivered as the price is great, so much better than paying out loads for Gillette”

Precision engineered blades

Honed from the highest grade steel and precisely angled, our blades are designed to reduce drag and pull to give a close and comfortable shave.

Rollers on razor catridge. He's guard from nicks and cuts.

glydå technology

Our patented glydå roll system helps to smooth the skin and raise hairs for a closer cut.

Lubricating strip moisturises reduces irritation

Moisturising strip

Lubricating pads moisturise and reduce irritation for a smooth, comfortable shave.

Total rinse through

Optimum blade spacing allows for easier cleaning and a clog-free experience.

90° pivot head

Adjusts to the contours of your face to provide maximum contact in those hard to reach areas.

osku : Comfort 3

Customer reviews


5 out of 5 star average rating

Better than any other!

I found this razor through the Wuntu app and thought for the discounted price I would give it a try, I am so glad I did! This is bar far the best razor I have ever used. I have now signed up to have them delivered as the price is great, so much better than paying out loads for Gillette etc. I would highly recommend people to try this out!
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I've thrown my cornerstone away

I've thrown my cornerstone razor away after using the grüum razor! I'd not been happy with Cornerstone's new razor after they updated it from the old one a few months ago now. I have a very course beard and the 5 blade razor heads always get clogged up. I tried the grüum 3 blade razor for the first time a few days ago. It never clogged up once, was as close as the cornerstone shave and tugged less on my beard too. The razor handle is also a lot lighter and more well balanced... plus a cool design. I'm a convert. Published on Trust pilot, 3rd of March 2018
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Unexpectedly good

Having used Wilkinson and Gillette I was dubious. I really like the roller it made manouvering easier. The gaps between the blades do make a big difference as other blades lose effectiveness when hair builds up and are more difficult to clean. Good product, better than expected.
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Brilliant for ladies too!

My husband loves the products and I keep using his razor because it's so good!
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Very comfortable to use

The blades were very good and those combined with the shaver itself have been very comfortable to use. The shaver has a bit of weight to it which helps with controlling and the design is comfortable to hold.
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