Solve your winter skincare woes with our range of botanisk Face Oils

Are the plummeting temperatures making you turn up the warmth in your home now that autumn is with us? The colder weather outside and the drier atmosphere caused by central heating can suck  moisture from your skin. Now is the ideal time to try adding a face oil to your routine. That is if you are not already addicted to these skin nourishing little wonders. One of our carefully curated botanisk Face Oils could be your answer to calm and soothe dry flaky irritated skin and rough rosy cheeks. But that is not all they can do.

Long gone are the days when oil was seen as something to be removed from your skin rather than something to be added. There is now a much better understanding of how beneficial facial oils can be and how they can be a fantastic addition to virtually anyone’s skin care routine. Maybe you have avoided them because of oily skin or because you feel that your serums and moisturisers are keeping your skin as hydrated as it needs. However face oils are not just for dry skin. Some are very good at balancing out the excess sebum in acne prone skin and have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. 

Our own skin produces oil. It needs it to protect and moisturise itself. Water based products (like your daily moisturiser) will hydrate, but do not have the ability to seal that moisture into your skin in the same way as an oil. 

The main benefit of a face oil is its ability to form an occlusive (protective) barrier on the skin. Oils are both lipophilic and hydrophobic, meaning that they can help the active ingredients in your skin care routine to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, while reducing trans epidermal water loss. This enables them to lock-in moisture, making your skin hold on to hydration and nourishment.  Acting as a protective barrier for the outer skin layers, keeping the good stuff in and toxins (and other bad stuff) out.

BUT, not all oils have been created equal and that’s why we have carefully selected a range of natural oils that are proven to have skin improving benefits without any potential irritants. None of our oils will clog your pores, absorb easily and can be used by any skin type. 

Acai Berry Oil

Our botanisk Acai Berry Oil is a powerhouse of goodness to defend and restore your skin health and radiance. With 3 times more antioxidants than blueberries and packed with nutrients, it is a superfood for your face. A few drops can combat a range of skin concerns.

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Why is it special?

  • This powerful antioxidant wages war against free radicals created by daily environmental pollutants, helping prevent and reverse damage caused such as discolouration, wrinkles and loss of firmness.
  • Packed with Vitamin A to increase cell turnover, helping skin to look younger, clear pores and promote the production of collagen and elastin, as well as improving acne scarring. 
  • Vitamins C and E, along with zinc, have healing and brightening properties to reduce dark spots and create a more radiant skin tone while copper promotes skin firmness.
  • Essential fatty acids, the building blocks of healthy cells, will protect and normalise your skin’s natural barrier function.
  • Both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, this oil soothes and heals breakouts and redness, including conditions such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea.
  • All these benefits are delivered to the skin in an absorbable, lightweight oil, easily slotted into your skincare routine.

Prickly Pear Oil

With the power to deeply moisturise and hydrate, stimulate new cell growth, soothe inflammation and brighten the skin, our lightweight, non pore clogging, botanisk Prickly Pear Oil is a must-have in the battle to prevent and combat signs of aging. This superhero oil will make your skin glow.

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Why is it special?

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vitamin E scavenges damaging free radicals, speeds up wound healing, and calms redness and sunburn. It also promotes cell regeneration to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin K strengthens blood vessels to reduce dark circles and broken capillaries. It also brightens areas of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and promotes elasticity for tighter, firmer skin.
  • Packed with collagen boosting amino acids to encourage faster cell turnover and increase water retention to keep skin fresh, plump and younger looking.
  • Has the highest percentage of unsaturated fatty acids of any beauty oil, particularly linoleic acid, which is essential in stimulating healthy cell production, replenishing lost lipids and restoring elasticity. It locks in moisture and fortifies the skin’s barrier.
  • Not only wonderful for your face and neck, the moisturising, skin softening and regenerating properties of botanisk Prickly Pear Oil can also benefit your hair, nails and cuticles.

Hazelnut Oil

One of the most stable natural oils available, our botanisk Hazelnut Oil is fine textured to sink in easily, leaving your skin soft and supple while regulating sebum production and making pores appear smaller. Suitable for even acne prone skin, this is the skin oil for people who still think they can’t use oil. 

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Why is it special?

  • A natural, alcohol free astringent, the tannins found in this oil help to rebalance oily skin, cleanse and minimise pores, remove bacteria and help to heal acne scars. Unlike other harsh astringents, it doesn’t cause irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin.
  • High in vitamin E and fatty acids, it’s deeply moisturising, increasing and promoting the retention of hydration in the outermost layers of the skin. It works to improve skin elasticity, keeping it smooth, firm and protected. 
  • Vitamin E also works as an effective antioxidant, providing extra protection against environmental stressors, as well as boosting collagen production and helping to calm and heal acne scarring.

Hemp Seed Oil

With numerous benefits for skin health, botanisk Hemp Seed Oil is perfect for all skin types, and particularly suitable for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. It’s an exceptionally nourishing oil on many levels, plumping, firming, calming, soothing and protecting your skin.

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Why is it special?

  • Perfect for oily skin, it helps moderate the skin’s sebum production to help balance and moisturise without clogging pores.
  • Rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA) – a powerful anti-inflammatory, which boosts collagen and encourage cell regeneration. 
  • Microbial properties mean it can be used to treat conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, reducing healing time and calming redness and irritation. 
  • A deeply hydrating humectant which draws and locks in moisture, while being non-greasy. 
  • Omega acids 3, 6 and 9 help repair the skin’s protective barrier function.

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