Summer skincare saviours

We’ve swapped our oversized jumpers for way less clothes which for many of us has been a welcome treat. However, with less clothes comes more skincare responsibility as exposure to damaging UV rays and pollutants increases. Avoid questionable tan lines, red tired skin, shine, and summertime breakouts that ruin your beach babe vibe this season with a few simple tweaks to your skincare routine. 

We’ve put together a selection of summer saviour products that’ll keep your skin looking fresh, happy and healthy this summer. Take a peek at this step-by-step guide and enjoy those rays!

  1. Clarify. The dusty world of summer can take its toll on your complexion. Say au revoir to dead skin cells and general pollutants with our lysa Facial Exfoliator – Purify & Refresh. This plastic-free skin polishing bar combines ultra-fine exfoliant particles with moisturising coconut oil, skin brightening orange and soothing eucalyptus, making this gently foaming bar perfect for even sun blushed, sensitive skin. 
  1. Nourish. Nature is absolutely riddled with treats for your skin and we’ve bottled a few of our favourites in recyclable glass. Our botanisk – Acai Berry Oil in particular is an antioxidant, vitamin-rich, superfood for your face that your skin will appreciate all summer round. Packed with omega fatty acids, this astounding oil works to protect, repair and rebuild your skin’s natural barrier, while also reducing the appearance of dark spots and lines. 
  1. Tone. Our essens Botanical Water – Brighten and Illuminate is naturally infused with Vitamin C. A vital antioxidant, Vitamin C combats sun exposure and the effects of pollution, reduces pigmentation, lightens dark spots and soothes redness – as well as encouraging collagen production. It seriously does so much, and so casually as well. Apply before and after a day out and about to repair and protect your skin, leaving you with a bright, dewy complexion. 

Top Tip: Try blending essens with our älska Clay Mask – Yellow  for a self care boost that’ll leave you glowing. 

  1. Defend. Baking heat can be lovely, but just like a cake, if you hang out in the oven too long you’re going to get burnt. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with our skyda Daily Defence Lotion. This lightweight, super absorbable spf 50 sun cream melts into your skin so easily, while nailing the job of batting away harmful pollutants and scorching sunbeams. Make it part of your daily skincare routine this summer.
  1. Refresh. Whether you’ve been tossing and turning throughout a hot summers night, or wandering about during dusty day time, your body (and mind) will appreciate a revitalising cleanser. Our såpa Body Bar – Mint & Poppyseed contains peppermint which leaves the skin feeling super fresh, whilst poppyseed naturally and gently exfoliates. Infused with nourishing coconut oil, this body bar is all about hydrating and soothing as it cleanses. 
  1. Soothe. Our gösta Facial Tonic is packed with soothing natural ingredients, including aloe vera, chamomile and witch hazel. All of these magical skincare treats help to heal scorched and sunburnt skin. A few sprays of gösta will also remove any excess shine from your face. We’d recommend using it at least twice a day (morning and evening after cleansing), but if shine is a particular problem for you, then it can also be applied as a refresher throughout the day.

Glow forth and enjoy your summer x

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