Storage Pairing Guide 

You’ve got the goods, now how do you keep them safe and sound? We’ve put together a handy little guide so you can find the perfect storage match for your plastic free products. 

laga Soap Dish

For all facial cleansers, conditioners, shampoos, body moisturisers, facial exfoliators, hand soaps, body bars and body scrubs.

This dish is a key bathroom accessory for anyone using solid cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs or moisturisers. Extend the shelf life of your grüum goodies in planet-friendly style. Made from sustainable bamboo, naturally water resistant and easy to clean. 

To keep your dish in tip top condition, make sure to keep it away from wet surfaces (so don’t keep it under the shower head) and preferably somewhere well ventilated so that it can dry out after use. 

tenn Conditioner Carry Tin

For all glôs Conditioner Bars.

After use, give your conditioner a few minutes to dry out on your dish, or somewhere well ventilated, before popping it in this handy little tin to keep it safe and dry. The tin is made from aluminium, which means that it won’t rust or wear away, and it has a screw top lid so your slippy conditioner will stay put. 

låda Shampoo Carry Tin

For all hår Shampoo Bars, skrub Exfoliating Hand & Foot Restorer, lysa Facial Exfoliatorlätt Facial Cleanser, all söp Hand Soaps, all sval Cooling Body Wash Bars. (Can fit in 45g klår Facial Cleansers and 50g såpa Body Bars but it’s a squeeze!)

This little aluminium tin comes with a coconut soap saver made from natural fibres, designed to lengthen the life of your soap or shampoo.

After use, leave your bar to dry out for a few minutes, before placing it inside the tin, where it’ll be kept safe and dry. It comes with an easy pop top lid and is great for transporting or simply storing your items. 

eske Carry Tin

For all 90g klår Facial Cleansers, når Shave Bars, resa 3-in-1 Travel Bar, lyx Body Moisturising Bar, luffa Body Scrub Bar, glo Toothpaste Tablets. Also perfect for 45g klår Facial Cleansers and 50g såpa Body Bars – you can even fit two in there if you like.

Our largest aluminium carry tin. As it’s made from aluminium, it’s very hard wearing – it won’t rust or wear away when wet, and is easy to clean. It comes with a simple pop top lid. Be sure to let your bars dry out for a few minutes before placing inside. It’ll keep them safe and sound when at home or travelling about. 

It’s also a great place to store your glo toothpaste tablets.

säva Sisal Soap Bag

For 95g såpa Body Bars, söp Hand Soapssval Cooling Body Wash Bars, hår Shampoo Bars, glôs Conditioner Bars. 50g såpa Body Bars. This bag has two uses.

Dry use:

Our soap bag is great for storing multiple bars at once, as long as they are dried out for a few minutes first. The bag itself must also be kept in a dry environment when used for storage. Offers handy on the go storage of an estimated 3 solid, dry bars.  

Wet use: 

This bag can also be used as a sustainable alternative to a shower pouffe, helping you to get every last bit out of your soap. Thick but gentle natural fibres exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Simply pop the soap inside, wet and wash. No more annoying leftovers.

Be sure to wash your soap bag once a week to keep it fresh. 

Love, grüum.

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